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Reasons to work with us

With Optimacros, we help you process and analyze large volumes of data often required to make decisions effectively. We support you in planning and monitoring current enterprise operations.

Model builder

Our platform allows you to deploy any levels of hierarchy and specify details when building analytics models as well as scale them as required

Simple deployment

Optimacros allows you to replace heavyweight on-premise solutions, Excel behemoths, or corporate BI systems providing the same functional features

Cloud solution

Platform helps you create a corporate cloud solution or make use of Optimacros’ cloud, maintaining 24/7 access, with no need to buy extra hardware

Outstanding features

Enterprise-level planning system builder based on Self-Service approach

Fast way to introduce the analytics system

One of the main advantages of Optimacros is its flexibility and customizability under user requirements (Self-Service подход) including scalability feature. It supports the Agile approach to integration and building data models without detailed specifications.

Manage analytics models and BI

Optimacros platform provides a freestyle data modelling with wide spectrum of built-in functionality. It helps you to manage business logic of data models and separate access rights for users and groups of users.

Integration applications and connectors

Our platform delivers numerous tools to import and/or export data: both manually and via special functionality of integration applications and connectors. Integration is supported for all common types of databases and BI software.


Optimacros platform provide unique capabilities to create full-fledged, enterprise-level systems of analytics and planning

Transparency of logic

In our data models, you can easily track the logic, make changes in calculation formulas and edit interrelations in data cubes

Data security

Data protection in Optimacros is performed both on the level of servers and networks and on the level of applications and access

Access control

Access control is managed in our platform in terms of individual users, groups of users, and project roles

Audit and logging

Optimacros keeps logging actions that can be monitored; and the data model can be rolled back to a previous version (date/time)

Quick recovery

In case failure of user servers, Optimacros platform can easily recover the structure of data models

Customized feature set

Depending on target user, Optimacros platform offer preset pack of templates and features for different enterprise departments and roles

Our projects

Optimacros company develops and deploys diverse projects including projects with system integrators. Also we offer our own platform in optimization planning and integration applications as a DBMS and BI connector.

S&OP Planning, Optimization and Order Management

This is a complex project to develop automation of integrated planning for the functions of Sales and Supply/Operations. The deployed solution comprises Optimization module, integration module for Planning, and separate module for Order Management. We have implemented analytics and BI reports and dashboards.

Financial Consolidation, Budgeting

Optimacros has developed the consolidation model for financial plan of the group of companies. Our solution helps perform budgeting functions and analyze operations in terms of Plan/Fact. The project has also deployed universal planning forms with double entry consolidation. Moreover, this solution allows consolidating timesheets.

Daily Supply KPI Consolidation and Forecasting

Deployed model provides data collection and consolidation of enterprise KPIs for production units. Moreover, our solution facilitates calculating the second order indicators. If required, it performs the version analysis. The project has implemented the integration with daily, weekly, and monthly reporting. Also, it has a pilot projects with EPM.

B2C CRM, Alumni Management System

Optimacros has developed a customized B2C CRM system to store and manage alumni contacts. This system includes status management and alumni life cycle based on Kanban boards and CRM entry forms. Additionally, it supports flexible requests and customizable reports.

Optimizational Module, Integration Applications and Logging

Optimacros offers Corplan the module of Optimization planning (external libs of linear optimization and our proprietary libs of non-linear optimization), as well as BI platform and preset applications/connectors for integration with diverse SQL/noSQL Transactional/CRM systems. This solution includes external module of logging.

Database Management System, Data Management Platform

Pilot project. We have implemented a DBMS for DMP (Data Management Platform) development based on noSQL databases. It includes request interfaces for Science analysts and deploys the Campaign Manager system to manage client digital campaigns and process hypotheses data.


To get the test/demo access, please send your request with a link you your company’s website and description of data model or functionality that you want to deploy with Optimacros.

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